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Thriving amid the echoes of its industrial past, Pittsburgh is a vibrant urban center that is rich in history, ethnic tradition, and diverse religious cultures. The business environment now fosters high-tech start-up businesses alongside the manufacturing and commercial power-houses that have long called Pittsburgh home. The city and region have developed an image as a hotbed for higher education, medicine, technology, and finance.

Pittsburgh has the character of a metropolitan city, while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. Formed of diverse neighborhoods that have maintained their own history and traditions, it is a city with many quaint shops, ethnic restaurants, and lush parks. Pittsburgh also features a variety of cultural and sports attractions. Professional ballet and opera companies, a noted symphony orchestra, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, numerous theaters, and concerts by touring bands are a sample of the cultural events in the city. Professional football, baseball, and hockey teams call the city home as well as several top collegiate sports teams.

Pittsburgh provides bustling metropolitan activity, but without the big city hassles. The city’s neighborhoods provide affordable housing with minimal commuting time. An excellent public transit system makes getting around easy. More information on the city can be found at www.pitt.edu/pittsburgh.

The Western Pennsylvania region is in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, and the wooded surroundings offer a multitude of outdoor activities. Rock climbing, fishing, hiking, white-water rafting, skiing, and caving are a few of the sports that residents and visitors enjoy.

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