RoundTable Small Group Discussion Workshops

We anticipate that the attendees at this years conference will have job describations such as: Engineering student services staff; Minority engineering program staff; High school teachers and administrators; Community college engineering instructors; Communication skills specialists; Engineering faculty - Small 4-year institutions; Engineering faculty - Large 4-year institutions; Engineering education academic administrators; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Technical content-focus; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Team-based engineering design project focus; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Student development/student success focus; and Department of Engineering Education - Faculty and administrators. This interactive session is designed to allow all these attendees to share their insights into the following topics on First Year Engineering.

  • Best practices for FYE courses/programs
  • Transitioning students from high school to engineering study
  • Sharing FYE successes
  • Academic advising for FYE students
  • FYE courses having "student development/student success" focus
  • Challenges of implementing FYE courses/programs in community colleges
  • Designing a FYE course
  • Retention strategies for underrepresented FYE students
  • Strategies for strengthening students' commitment to engineering
  • Engineering education research
  • Implementation of team-based engineering design projects in FYE courses
  • Teaching communication skills to FYE students

The Discussion leaders are:

  • Sara Atwood, Elizabethtown College
  • Kevin Calabro, University of Maryland
  • Matthew Carroll, Texas A & M University at Galveston
  • Karen De Urquidi, East Carolina University
  • Ana Dison, The University of Texas Austin, Women in Engineering Program
  • Joe Holtgreive, Northwestern University
  • Annette Jacobson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies-Carnegie Mellon Engineering
  • Jean Kampe, Michigan Technological University
  • Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, Mississippi State University
  • James Orbison, Bucknell University
  • Natalie Van Tyne, Colorado School of Mines