Thursday Night Social Reception Activity


5:30 pm - 6:00 pm: Tour of Engineering Building

The University of Pittsburgh is in the middle of a major building transformation. Starting at 5:30 pm and going into the reception we will offer individual tours of the new facility including our new state of the art computer assisted teaching classrooms.

Swanson School of Engineering Tours

  1. Tour our technology classrooms
  2. Tour the RFID Technology lab
  3. Tour the Nano Research lab
  4. Tour the Student Organization space and the Formula Race Car lab
  5. Tour the new research labs on the second floor, show the Lab Space and the Collaborative nature of modern engineering curricula

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm: University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms

Tours of University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms. The Nationality Rooms are located on the first and third floors of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. The rooms were designed to represent the culture of various ethnic groups that settled in Allegheny County and are supported by these cultural groups and governments. Tours are conducted year round. The public is invited to experience their ethnic identity and ancestral roots. The rooms are also in use as University classrooms.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm: Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum

The Thursday night reception will take place inside the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum on the University of Pittsburgh Campus. The Museum is Pittsburgh's oldest and best known historical landmark and the Nation's only Military Museum dedicated to honoring the men and women of all branches of service, the citizen as well as the professional soldier. Within this stately structure are exhibits displaying military artifacts and personal mementos. Join us for light finger food and refreshments while you walk through the museum and network with your fellow conference attendees.

The reception is designed to allow attendees to meet fellow faculty and have the time to network and discuss engineering education topics in an open forum. The evening will have designed activities to encourage people to meet, lean about each other and explore related Engineering Education Topics. Come prepared to share ideas and make new friends.

After the reception you can enjoy time out with friends at one of the many fine restaurants within walking distance of the university. Use this map for a list of local restaurants, or just go explore on your own.


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