RoundTable Small Group Discussion Workshops

We anticipate that the attendees at this years conference will have job describations such as: Engineering student services staff; Minority engineering program staff; High school teachers and administrators; Community college engineering instructors; Communication skills specialists; Engineering faculty - Small 4-year institutions; Engineering faculty - Large 4-year institutions; Engineering education academic administrators; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Technical content-focus; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Team-based engineering design project focus; Intro to Engineering course instructors - Student development/student success focus; and Department of Engineering Education - Faculty and administrators.

This interactive session is designed to allow all these attendees to share their insights into the topics that will be discussed at the conference this year. Thus, each of the sessions at this year's conference will have a table where attendees can sit and discuss their views with other attendeees. At the end of the session, each table will present their talking points to the rest of the conference. Then by attending the various sessions on Thursday and Friday attendees can share their thoughts with authors of papers in the same topic area. The following topics will be the discussed at the round table discussions. So pick one and enjoy.

  • Design in an Introductory Course
  • Non-Technical Issues for Engineering Students
  • Teaching Strategies for First Year Courses
  • Choosing a Major
  • Laboratories for a First Year Course
  • Technology Enhancements in a First Year Course
  • Living and Learning Communities
  • Pre-Engineering Programs
  • Novel Techniques for Improving a First Year Course
  • Student Development Models
  • Transition to College & Mentoring
  • Including Social Issues in the Curriculum

The Discussion leaders are:

  • If you are interested in being a discussion leader, pick one and email me at

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