Announcing the 6th Annual First Year Engineering Experience

August 7 - 8, 2014

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

This 6th Annual First Year Engineering Experience Conference will be hosted by The Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and held at the Annenberg and Bush Library. For a list of the conference program click on the Sessions link.

FYEE is a unique opportunity that allows attendees and presenters to experience and interact with colleagues. FYEE provides opportunities to meet with other engineering educators, discuss ideas, reflect on the topics and issues from the sessions, and chart new directions and collaborations. We hope to see lots of new faces at FYEE 2014, and also hope that those who have attended previous conferences will join us for this one. More information can be found on the conference flyer or by scanning the web site.


As a continuation of the Dialogue started at the University of Notre Dame in 2005 and then the University of Pittsburgh in 2011, we welcome you to the First Year Engineering Experience. This year marks the 6th time that the First Year Engineering Experience has been offered (FYEE). It is the intent of the organizers to make the FYEE a unique event that allows attendees and presenters to experience and interact with colleagues of similar interests.

The first three FYEE's were held at the University of Notre Dame, then The Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh hosted it twice. This will be the first time The Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University is the host institution. Over 200 academic and industry representatives are expected at this meeting. Participants will include college deans, department chairpersons, faculty in engineering and engineering technology, engineering and engineering technology student services staff, and industry leaders from throughout the country. The majority of the attendees; however, are engineering and engineering technology faculty.

Conference Structure

The structure of the First Year Year Engineering Experience(FYEE) is different because its goal is not just to present individual works but to create a learning and sharing experience for each attendee. FYEE begins Thursday morning with a series of workshops, that will present important topics in the area of the First Year educational process. The hope is that each attendee will learn something new in these workshops. The workshops are followed by a afternoon group interaction round table discussion where all attending can discuss what they learned in the workshops and any new approaches that may be taken in their own programs as a result. The afternoon ends with a best practice session on topics related to First Year Engineering Education. There is then an evening reception to develop a network of people with common interests.

Friday is a series of "Best Practice" presentations by the conference attendees. These sessions will include a series of tracks that will focus on the same topics discussed in the Thursday workshops, in addition to other relevant topics. In the Friday sessions attendees will share what does and does not work in the First Year.

At the end of conference there is a session that will provide a time to summarize the attendees view on some of the topics discussed during the session. The hope of this activity is too develop a series of topics that the 2015 conference will focus on. Attendees will be encouraged to develop material that they could be presented at furure FYEE conferences.

Currently, the planning committee is working on the details of FYEE 2014, and as they become available, they will appear here. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the papers from previous conferences by following the links at the right, and don't hesitate to send suggestions or questions to the conference organizers at

Teri Reed, Texas A&M University
P. K. Imbrie, Texas A&M University
Dan Budny, University of Pittsburgh
Ray Landis, California State University, Los Angeles
Kerry Meyers, Youngstown State University
John Uhran, University of Notre Dame
FYEE 2014 Conference Planning Committee