Conference Supporters

Conference sponsors and affiliates play an important role in supporting the FYEE conference. This support subsidizes the cost of the meal functions and special events. We appreciate these supporters and the part they play in making the 2015 FYEE conference an outstanding event.

The Annual First Year Engineering Experience Conference, is supported by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Youngstown State University, California State University, Los Angeles and Notre Dame University.

The conference also received start-up money in 2012 from the National Science Foundation to help develop the mission of the conference.

In addition, the First Year Programs Division of the American Society for Engineering Education also supports the mission of this conference. Over 200 academic representatives are expected at this conference. Participants will include college deans, department chairpersons, and faculty in engineering and engineering technology, engineering student service staff and advisors, plus industry leaders from throughout the country. The majority of the attendees, however, are engineering and engineering technology faculty.

University Support

Society Support

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