Monday Night Social Reception Activity


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Monday Dinner Reception

Join us for dinner and refreshments at The Ohio State University Union while you network with your fellow conference attendees. The reception is designed to allow attendees to meet fellow attendees and have the time to network in addition to hearing a keynote presentation. Come prepared to share ideas and make new friends.


Monday Night Keynote Speaker

Dr. Susan Freeman
Northeastern University, Director of First Year Engineering
Keynote Title: Leveraging our Resources to bring Continuous Improvement in First-year Engineering Programs
Keynote description: When we approach our teaching, our planning, our course design and our curriculum design, we cannot help but incorporate who we are and what we are learning each day to the plans we make for our classes and programs.  As we teach our students, what can we then apply to the classroom and our programs from what we know and do?  Practically everything!   Recent research on grit has transformed thinking about student success in K-12; how about engineering undergraduates?  Industrial engineers work on continuous improvement, why not in our programs and courses?  Systems thinking and critical thinking are vital skills for engineers, why not make it a practice to apply them to engineering course design?  This talk will focus on taking a look at using the skills and traits you already possess to transform classes and programs in first-year engineering.  By reflecting on some lessons learned and projecting to future visions and plans, this talk is hoping to encourage everyone to supplement content by using what you know and what you do to keep moving forward.

Biography: Susan F. Freeman received her bachelor’s, master’s degrees and PhD in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University. After graduating from Northeastern with her master’s, she worked at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York as a senior industrial engineer in manufacturing and production planning.

Ms. Freeman returned to Northeastern in 1990 to complete her PhD. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses at Northeastern and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She continues to teach IE courses such as Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Engineering Economy and Stochastic Modeling, bringing the industrial and research experience to the classroom, also as an advisor for numerous IE Capstone projects. She is one of the original full-time first-year instructors in the College of Engineering teaching freshmen engineering courses, along with IE courses. This team of Teaching Professors is now at ten and Susan is the Director of First-year Engineering. She has won teaching awards in the College of Engineering and the University.

In addition to teaching, Susan is involved in coordinating freshman engineering courses and developing curriculum to meet the student and program’s needs; both for IE’s and first-year students. She is active in ASEE, publishing and presenting on educational research in the first-year program division, as program chair of the First-year Programs Division (FPD) and is currently the FPD Chairman.


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