FYEE 2016 Session Index

Session M1A: Student Success and Development - 1 (Focus on academic support, at-risk students, comprehensive retention programs)
Chair: Dr. Deb Grzybowski, The Ohio State University
Time: Monday August 1, 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Scott Laboratory E001

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Nina Telang, University of Texas at Austin; Hayes Converse, University of Texas at Austin; Nikki Stinnette, University of Texas at Austin
Jenell Wilmot, University of Texas at Austin
Emily Sandvall, Baylor; Carolyn Skurla, Baylor; Billy Baker, Baylor; Zandra Cook, Baylor; Allison Everett, Baylor
Bridget Mearns, UVA SEAS Undergraduate Programming Office; Lisa Lampe, UVA
Kristina Lenn, Wayne State University; Jeffrey Potoff, Wayne State University