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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is a private, non-profit university that was established in 1926 as the Embry-Riddle Company - a school for training pilots in the rapidly growing field of aviation. In 1965, the university became a more traditional university with a focus on research and education to meet the needs of the aeronautical and aerospace industries. With over 30,000 students on three campuses, the university maintains a strong presence in the aeronautical and aerospace industries and beyond.

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About the College of Engineering

The ERAU College of Engineering is a leader in cutting-edge applied research for the Aerospace industry. From 2001 - 2015, the Aerospace Engineering program was ranked #1 in the US New and World Report Best Undergraduate Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Programs at Schools Whose Highest Degree is a Master's degree. In 2016, it became #16 amongst PhD granting institutions.

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About the Engineering Fundamentals Department

The Engineering Fundamentals Department (EF) holds the dual roles of teaching in the first two year and conducting engineering education research.

Incoming students take courses introducing engineering design, computer programming, and engineering graphics. The "Introduction to Engineering" course includes a variety of educational goals, including teamwork, ethics, and hands-on design tasks. The "Introduction to Computer Programming" course focuses on the fundamentals of programming using MATLAB. The "Engineering Graphics" course includes hand sketching and Catia training. In addition to these first-year requirements, the department also has courses to improve students' visualization skills, as well as a graduate course in research methods.

All of these courses are buttressed by the educational research being conducted by faculty in the department. With funded research on Visualization, Model-Eliciting Activities, Programming as a parallel to Second Language Acquisition, and Faculty Adoption of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices, the research profile of the department is strongly directed at improving the first-year engineering experience.

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